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What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

The frustrating is now effortless with our approach to healthcare. DPC is different from traditional healthcare (fee-for-service third-party-payer billing) and allows practitioners to spend more time with patients and keep costs transparent, while avoiding many of the hassles that are common when dealing with insurance companies.

Why Forward Wellness

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Because we don’t participate with insurance, we’re not bound by contracts which can create barriers for providers and patients in their quest toward optimal health. Enjoy extended, relaxed visits on your time whether that is in-person, via telemedicine, or text/email. With 24/7 unrestricted access to your primary care provider, we have time to truly focus on your health. No nonsense. Seriously.

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By paying directly, it’s just you and your provider at your convenience. Nothing in between. Have a question? Call or text your provider directly. No more waiting days for a response from someone who doesn’t really know you.

No copays, no deductibles, no waiting, all for a monthly fee, cheaper than a cell phone bill.

Membership Options

All memberships included discounted speciality programs such as medical weight loss and hormone optimization.



AGES: 18-65

+ one-time $99 registration fee



AGES: 18-65

+ one-time $150 registration fee


$35 each/month

AGES: 4-25

+ parent enrollment required

*At this time we are not able to provide routine vaccinations, call to discuss how we can help arrange these for you.

*No surprise charges. All labs, diagnostics, and/or additional testing will be discussed in advance.

We're different, & that's a good thing!

Forward Wellness

  • Unrestricted, direct access.
  • More time during your visits.
  • Call, email, text - Zero Copays.
  • In-house labs for 70-80% less.
  • Peace of mind

Traditional Care

  • Long waits to get an appointment.
  • Rushed appointments.
  • Sick on the weekend? Good luck!
  • Financially incentivized to keep you sick and see you often.
  • Hidden pricing with obscene markups.

Experience The Difference

  • Take back control of your health. For less than the cost of a monthly cell phone bill, you have unprecedented, direct access to your primary care doctor, on your schedule, tailored to your needs.
  • No insurance middlemen. No hidden fees. No copays. No red tape. Completely transparent. Completely hassle-free.
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